Applicable Law: Patents and Designs Act Cap P2 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004


An application for the registration of an industrial design shall be made to the Registrar and shall contain:

  • a request for registration of the design stating the applicant's full name and address and, if that address is outside Nigeria, an address for service in Nigeria
  • a specimen of the design or a photographic or graphic representation of the design with any printing block or other means of reproduction from which the representation was derived, an indication of the kind of product (or, where a classification has been prescribed, the class of product) for which the design will be used
  • where appropriate, a declaration signed by the true creator requesting that he be named as such in the Register and giving his name and address, and
  • if the application is made by an agent, a signed power of attorney
Kindly note that none of the documents need to be notarized or legalized.

A single application may relate to any number of industrial designs not exceeding fifty, if the products to which the designs relate are of the same kind or where a classification has been prescribed of the same class.

Applicable Law: Copyrights Act C28 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004


Copyright Notification is a scheme designed by the Nigerian Copyright Commission to enable creators of certain copyright works or persons who have acquired rights in these works to give notice of their copyright to the Nigerian Copyright Commission or notice of any transfer of right thereof. Such facts as are disclosed in the notification will form part of the database of the Commission mandated to be kept under the Copyright Act, and has evidential value in proof of the possible date of creation of the work and other facts stated in the notification form.


  • Submit a completed application form with a declaration endorsed before a Commissioner for oaths or Notary Public
  • Copies of the work and evidence of payment of Notification fee
  • Upon receipt of the form the Commission will issue a Notification Acknowledgement Certificate.

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